As a fashion designer I come across a number of different trends, some that I think are great and others not so. We will not all agree on the things we like when it comes to fashion but then the world would be a boring place if we all put ourselves together in the same way.

I usually focus on handbags but there are numerous fashion trends out there and something i have come across is people who dress alike. There are couples who like to dress in matching outfits and it has a fairly good following, probably more so in the East from what I have seen. You can get a variety of clothing in this niche including many jackets and they are not just aimed at couples but also can be brought for other family members and friends.

Another fashion trend I love to look at are hats at major horse racing events like Royal Ascot, especially on ladies day which is famous for its fascinators. This event produces some truely creative and wonderful displays of hats that offer a lot of design ideas that can translate to other areas. I love seeing the ladies in all their gorgeous outfits but I just have a passion for hats and this is a great place to see all these great pieces.